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look at those faces

       Cooper                                 Sarah                                  Shelly 

Registered, DNA tested, Kune Kune Pigs

Kune Kune are very friendly, small pigs from New Zealand. You can do a google search and find out lots of info about them. They are great pasture pigs, they are great in petting zoos, and make great family pets. They do great just grazing pastures and do not root up the ground. 


We have decided to sell all these guys, lowered the price to $3500 for all 4 pigs, package deal. That is for 2 sows and 1 boar and 1 barrow (a barrow is a castrated boy). That will include their registration papers. Delivery can be arranged if needed, for extra.They are all 4 super sweet, friendly pigs. Nothing wrong with them, just doing a major downsize of animals. Kune Kune's are the sweetest, most docile pigs you will find. I want them to all go together. A good home is a must! The girls are pregnant, not sure of the due date since they are in with the boar all the time, the black and white sow looks very pregnant, I'm guessing she is due in the next few weeks or so. She is my favorite so if you just want her she is $2500 by herself. I really want them to all go together since they have all been together their whole lives. These guys are super nice pigs, super sweet, friendly breeders/pets. 

No Piglets available now, a new litter should be born this fall.

               Both Girls are sisters from the Rona line

I ♥ this girl 

Below is Conner, he is the barrow, super nice pet pig!



Cooper, the ginger boar...Te Whangi line

past piglets







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