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Quotes Hi April, when picked up our mini pig on March 5, 2011, it was such and exciting day. We named him "Soot". He is so adorable. I am so glad that I went through Ahrens Hobby Farm, they were very helpful with all of my questions about my baby, and still are. The first week was a bit tough, I think just all of us getting used to each other. He is using his litter box just fine. He loves being outdoors, I do put sunscreen on him, don't want his baby skin to get sunburned! His most favorite things are to snuggle with us and of course eat!!! Thank you so much for having this perfect little man for us! We just love him! Dainelle and Erich Quotes
Dainelle Cogan and Erich Witt
Our new baby, "Soot"

Quotes April, I just wanted to write you and say how happy I am with Gweedo. You and your husband met my family in Ohio mid October. We drove from Maryland to meet you halfway. Gweedo is such a great little guy. At first I was scared being a first time piggy mom, but now I don't know what I would do without him. He is such a snuggle bug. he has learned come, sit, back, spin, roll, shake and of course no. I can't wait until the warm weather hits and Gweedo can spend outside with us since he is a indoor piggy and its pretty cold here right now. Thank you for doing a great job getting Gweedo ready for us. Diane Quotes
Diane & Roy Wheeler
Loving my piggy

Quotes I bought Miss Piggy from you 2 years ago. You drove her to us in New York. I saw your testimonial page and just wanted to let you know that she is doing great. She is about 25lbs and she is a snuggle bug. She sleeps in bed with me and snuggles under the blankets at night. She is the best pet ever. She is so smart. I can not believe how fast she learns a new trick. She is our entertainment most nights. We love her dearly and could not imagine life without her. You guys are great. Thank you so much for bringing Miss Piggy into our lives. Quotes
Miss Piggy

Quotes Hey April, I just wanted to thank you again for our new piggy. We absolutely adore her. She is warming up to everyone and is so affectionate. My girls are lying on the floor with her right now and she is climbing all over them and digging her snout under them. It is priceless to hear them giggling as she is trying to root around them. We love here and she will be well taken care of. I hope you and your husband had a safe ride home. I will keep updating you with photos. Thanks, Vanessa Quotes
Vanessa in Massachusetts
Princess Willamena

Quotes April, Hey! The little piggie is getting along great, we named her Peanut. Thanks so much! Kendra Quotes
Kendra in New Jersey

Quotes Hi April, I'm finally sending you some photos of our Wilma. She is honestly the sweetest, most loving and loyal pet I've ever had. I just love walking in from work to her little grunting sounds and of course how excited she gets when it is time to eat. She just loves to cuddle and has adapted well to our family, even the two Labradors enjoy her. Dan taught her to sit for her treats which is just a riot to watch. I read that a happy and content pig will wag its tail. Well, Wilma's never stops so I think she loves us as much as we love her! I haven't convinced Dan to let her sleep with us, but I'm working on it. I'm not certain if you receive numerous e-mails from people who have purchased your pigs. We were the family in Lockport, IL that bought the Juliana Female Runt born on 9/13/10. Please feel free to use as a reference any time. Thanks April! Dan and Jill Hagan Quotes
Dan & Jill Hagan in IL

Quotes Hi April, Just wanted to send you some pictures of Peanut. She is doing great. She just got spayed two weeks ago and has recovered well. She does pack a big attitude for such a little thing. She's learned a couple tricks so far. She knows: come, sit, circle right, circle left, sit pretty, shake and to your crate. She loves to snuggle up in a chair with us or get belly rubs. She's made friends with our cat Zoey (when Zoey tolerates it). My husband says when I pull in the driveway she goes nuts. She's done pretty well with litter box training. She'll still try to get past a gate and sneak away to go if she can, but she knows where she is suppose to go. She loves snack time and knows where they are kept! He favorites are grapes, green beans, carrots, apples and this week blue berries. Pretty much anything but celery. That is an absolute NO. It comes out faster than it goes in. Thanks again... She is a great addition to our family Smile Chris and Lilias Quotes
Chris and Lilias in WI
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