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Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a small dairy breed of goats. The Nigerian has been enjoying a rise in popularity due to their small size, colorful markings, dairy characteristics and their wonderful easy temperament. Their small stature means they do not require as much space or feed as their larger dairy goat counterparts. Their gentle nature and friendly personalities make them good companion pets and 4 H project animals for the younger children. 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has also approved the Nigerian Dwarf Goat as a livestock dairy goat, which makes them eligible for youth 4H and FFA projects. 
The milk they produce is also higher in butterfat and has a sweeter taste.


 The Nigerian Goat Temperament

Nigerian goats are gentle, loveable and playful. Their calm, even temperament and engaging personalities make them suitable companions for all, including children, the disabled and the elderly. Even breeding bucks are handled easily. They make wonderful pets and great animal projects for young children in 4H or FFA. Owners often find their Nigerian goats blend in with other farm animals and do not need special quarters; they do require adequate fencing that will be able to contain them due to their small size. Many Nigerian goats share pastures peacefully with other livestock such as cattle, horses, llamas and donkeys. 


Goats should ideally have a dry, shaded shelter during wet, cold or hot weather. It does not have to be fancy, a large dog house works great for bucks and dry does. A larger sheltered area should be provided during kidding time, giving the does enough room to move around while kidding without laying on newborn kids. They should not be housed in airtight buildings; ventilation is required for optimum health. 
Many owners provide "toys" for the goats to play on, tree stumps, rocks or large cable spools are great for "king of the mountain" games and jumping. Many hours of entertainment while watching the kids and often adults take advantage of the "toys" can be enjoyed by all. Just be sure to keep any 'toys' away from the fence to avoid any escape artists the means and opportunity to roam your neighborhood! 
Good fencing is paramount due to their small size.
Copied from the NDGA website 
I have both, registered and unregistered goats. I have bought goats from all over the US. I am trying to have a colorful herd of excellent quality. I do not show, my goats are just pets around here. 
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