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This is a very nice, very well built barn style

house. The pigs just love them. They also work

great for dogs, cats, chickens, goats, whatever.

It is made so the top opens for easy clean out.


The dimensions of this house is 63"x37". The

cost for a house like this one is $500, for this



The house can be made to order in your choice

of colors and size. It is not a cheap built

house that is going to fall apart easy. I can

deliver, price will vary depending on where you

live. Houses are made to order, all hand crafted,

made by my husband. He can even make it life

size for the kids, it will be expensive, but it can

be done. He is great at what he does and puts

quality and effort in every project.


As far as shipping, this is a very large, and very heavy house. The post office and UPS will not deliver it. It must go by a large truck or freight. Shipping will not be cheap, depending where you live, it may cost more to ship than the actual house cost. Feel free to check uship.com for quotes before contacting me. I can also deliver it in the bed of my pick up truck, but again, delivery will also not be cheap. If you do not care about the cost and still want one, feel free to email me at microminipigs@yahoo.com. I will need approximately 2 weeks after payment is received before it will be ready for pick-up or delivery. 

view with top opened-even a window in the back

view from the back~window gives light inside

the pygmy goats and the dogs love this house too


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